Car Detailing Course

Our car detailing training course is currently taking place at our Vaughan facility and is taught by one of our experienced detailers. Our course will provide you with start to finish car detailing training that will teach you how to detail interior & exterior (shampoo carpets and upholstery seats, plastic leather cleaning and conditioning, exterior wash, wax rim cleaning, decontamination of vehicle clay bar process, plastic trim restoration, polishing paint enhancement and scratch removal, headlight restoration, and more).

Please note that we also have Ceramic coating training available at a separate cost. Contact us for next available dates.

What You Will Learn:

  • Interior & Exterior detailing
  • How to talk to customers and close jobs
  • Step by step process of how the job works – starting from the first interaction with the client to completion of the job
  • How to ensure your business is the most profitable
  • How to handle complaints and issues that might occur during a job
  • How to take payment and provide invoices
  • What products are needed for detailing and which ones are not
  • How to use the equipment properly – including calibrating your machine and the process of maintaining it
  • How to quote a job and provide the correct pricing
  • How to effectively analyze a job (how much time it will take you and what the cost of materials will be for the job)
  • How to manage your travel time and learn how to make it more efficient
  • A full list of detailing products will be provided to you to ensure your business is as profitable as possible
  • You will be given the opportunity to work with real detailers and complete real jobs
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If you are interested in taking our car detailing course today, we invite you to contact us for more information and fill out the form below! Flexible dates available.

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Our silver course start at $795 (duration 2 days)
Platinum course starting at $1500 (duration 5 days)